Audition Dates

2016 Open House 

   Oct 18th at 6pm

   5:15p Doors Open

(Seating is limited please arrive early)

2016 Auditon Dates:

   Nov 5, 6, 19, 20

   Dec 3 & 4 - Make Up Date

Please contact your child's guidance office for audition registration.

Audition & Admission information please contact Mrs. Marchetta @     718 392 5025 or

Alumni & Transcript Information please contact Mrs. Castro @     718 392 5134 or

Guidance and College Office please contact Mrs. Pridgen @      718 392 5211 or 


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All students must complete three years of science in addition to one passing grade on a science Regents examination. A passing grade on a second Regents examination is required for an Advanced Regents Diploma. The first two years of science must be Regents sciences, one of which must be Living Environment.

EARTH SCIENCE will focuses on the study of our planet, its changing systems and its setting within the universe. In particular, students study the geological processes on earth and their influence on nature and on humans. Students will also learn weather patterns and astronomy. The class culminates in the students taking the NY State Regents Exam in June.

LIVING ENVIRONMENT is a one year biology course designed to prepare students to understand basic biological concepts including the similarities and differences among living organisms; homeostasis in organisms; genetics; reproduction and development; evolution; ecology; human impact on the environment; scientific inquiry and laboratory skills. This course follows the New York State Core Curriculum for Living Environment. All students are required to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 30 periods of laboratory class. The class culminates in the students taking the NY State Regents Exam in June.

CHEMISTRY investigates the study of energy and the interactions of particles which make up the physical properties of matter. Students learn to use symbols, formulas and numerical trends to study chemical reactions and the process of radioactive decay. The class culminates in the students taking the NY State Regents Exam in June.

PHYSICS examines the relationship between matter and energy and how they interact. This course will have a strong emphasis in the mathematics of physics. Students explore physics concepts through an inquiry approach. Embedded standards for Inquiry, Technology & Engineering, and Mathematics are taught in the context of the content standards for Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Waves and Sound, Light and Optics, Electricity and Magnetism and Atomic & Nuclear Science. The class culminates in the students taking the NY State Regents Exam in June.

FORENSICS focuses on the relationship between science and crimes. Students examine how the proliferation of scientific technology has impacted the criminal laboratories, autopsies, types and analysis of evidence. Students use a combination of textbooks, the internet, current news articles and media to prepare for class discussions.