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GLOBAL I-II will focus on the Neolithic Revolution—the time when humans settled down to build agriculturally-based towns and cities— through the Age of Exploration—when Europeans set out to find new trade routes, inadvertently transforming the entire world as they did so.

GLOBAL III-IV will cover world history from the Scientific Revolution through to the second war in Iraq. Topics covered will include the French Revolution, the rise of nation-states in Europe, World War I and II and the Cold War. We will cover contemporary phenomena such as the Green Revolution, pollution, and globalization.

US I & II will focus on the history of the United States from early colonization to the present day. We will emphasize important themes in US history such as continuity and change, and the building of a particular American culture. The class will also focus on US government and the judicial system.

PARTICIPATION IN GOVERNMENT (Fall semester) is a senior level course in which students analyze the theories and ideas of how political systems came into being, in particular US government and democracy. Students will draw comparisons between the US government and other government systems.

ECONOMICS (Spring semester) is a senior-level course which analyzes different economic systems and examines how societies allocate funds. Students will investigate financial strategies which they will utilize in their personal lives.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT UNITED STATES HISTORY is a rigorous college-level course that covers in depth the period from before the settlement of Jamestown to the post-Cold-War period. Students engage in exciting historical simulations and elaborate projects as well as lively debates and discussions.